Come Alive – Hearing God’s Voice

Come Alive – Hearing God’s Voice

February 5, 2017

Speaker: Jon Thiessen

 Study Questions:

  1. Did you experience any victories this week as they relate to the 6 marks of a disciple?-Spends time regularly in God’s presence through Bible reading and prayer
    -Engages consistently with a community of believers to grow spiritually
    -Submits tot eh Holy Spirit’s leadership and control in every aspect of life
    -Builds up the Church through the use of their Spiritual gifts
    -Shows and shares the Gospel in the communities where God places them
    -Prioritizes relationships appropriately with those God has entrusted to them
  2. What stood out to you from Sunday’s message? 
  3. Do you agree that the problem is not with God’s ability to speak but our ability to hear? Why? 
  4. What do you think damages a person’s ability to hear God’s voice? 
  5. If our ability to hear depends on our willingness to obey, is there anything God is asking you to do that is a challenge? What do you think it is? 
  6. Hearing God’s voice requires time alone with Him. Evaluate your “listening routine” from the previous week. Celebrate the time you connected with Him and recall the things He taught you. Make a plan for the upcoming week.
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