Come Alive – Listening To God’s Voice

Come Alive – Listening To God’s Voice

February 12, 2017

Speaker: Jon Thiessen

 Study Questions:

  1. Did you experience any victories this week as they relate to the 6 marks of a disciple?-Spends time regularly in God’s presence through Bible reading and prayer
    -Engages consistently with a community of believers to grow spiritually
    -Submits tot eh Holy Spirit’s leadership and control in every aspect of life
    -Builds up the Church through the use of their Spiritual gifts
    -Shows and shares the Gospel in the communities where God places them
    -Prioritizes relationships appropriately with those God has entrusted to them
  2. What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?
  3. John 6:52, 7:30, 8:59, 10:20 & 10:39 reveal a growing opposition to Jesus. Why were people against him?
  4. John 9:27-34 & 12:9-11 reveal that the opposition and threats spread to two of Jesus’ followers. Read the surrounding verses and explain why.
  5. When Jesus says that his sheep will listen to his voice (John 10:3, 16) but not to the voice of a stranger (John 10:5), referring to those who oppose Jesus, what does that mean? What are Jesus’ followers giving up in order to follow him?
  6. Read Mark 4:1-20. What does this parable reveal about hearing?
  7. Read Matthew 7:24-29. What is the difference between the person who builds his house on the rock compared to the person who builds his house on sand?
  8. What one thing has the Holy Spirit impressed upon your heart in your study this week?
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