Consider Living Flat Out For God

Consider Living Flat Out For God

February 19, 2017

Speaker: Dr. Ron Unruh

 Study Questions:

  1. Did you experience any victories this week as they relate to the 6 marks of a disciple?-Spends time regularly in God’s presence through Bible reading and prayer
    -Engages consistently with a community of believers to grow spiritually
    -Submits to the Holy Spirit’s leadership and control in every aspect of life
    -Prioritizes relationships appropriately with those God has entrusted to them
    -Builds up the Church through the use of their Spiritual gifts
    -Shows and shares the Gospel in the communities where God places them
  2. What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?
  3. Can you think of something that God has been prompting you to do yet you have postponed because you desire more assurance about the outcome?
  4. Besides the mystery of fetal development, what other things is God doing that we have no way of fully understanding?
  5. Is it contradictory, or how do you explain the permission given to follow your heart and your eyes, yet the forewarning that we will be adjudicated for everything we do?
  6. What does remembering your creator mean to you?
  7. Does chapter 12, with its clarion call to remember your creator in the days of your youth, have any application for persons over the age of 50?
  8. Have any verses of scripture served to poke your spirit, your mind or your conscience like a goad prods and ox to get moving?
  9. Are you terrified by thoughts of judgement from God about every secret good or evil act, or how you conceive of that meeting with God? What New Testament promises balance judgement with joyous blessing when we are with God?
  10. What one thing has the Holy Spirit impressed upon your heart in your study this week?
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