who we are

We are a group of 50 high school students and 25 volunteer staff that meet almost every Wednesday night throughout the year. We love to play fun games, go on awesome retreats and camps, but mostly we want our lives to count for something more.  We want to be part of a purpose that is much bigger than ourselves and we do this together; on a journey towards a deeper relationship with Jesus by making Him known in every community we are in.

What can i expect?

When you come at 7:30 you’ll find students mingling and hanging out while playing pool, foosball, board games or just catching up before we play a couple big group games. We love playing games that are high energy and full of excitement and fun!

Next, its time to settle in and hear a short talk on the topic we’ll be focusing on in our groups. Small groups is our last and biggest portion of the evening where we split into gender and grade groups. In these groups you’ll have a chance to dig deeper into the topic of the night and see what the Bible has to say with your peers and our awesome staff until we come to the end of our night at 9:30.

New to Johnston Heights?

Find out where and when we worship. We hope to see you soon!