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2021 Annual Reports

Thank you for checking out what has been happening at Johnston Heights Church over the past year. God has once again proven Himself faithful and you'll be able to read stories of that in the ministry reports below. Thank you to everyone who has invested in Johnston Heights Church, truly Jesus is being made known!

Jon Thiessen - Lead Pastor

My Annual Report from last year began with an acknowledgement of how difficult COVID and the health restrictions had been: fear of spreading the virus, impact of isolation, transitioning to digital everything, etc. Amidst massive changes to school, work, extracurricular and everyday life, perhaps the most difficult change was the loss of community.  Zoom worked for a time, but it could not replace the sense of community that comes with physical presence.   When the ability to gather was restricted, many of us learned how valuable the ability to gather without restriction actually was.  It has been an incredible joy to be back gathering together, singing, doing normal things like drinking coffee and eating treats, seeing each other’s smiles, giving and receiving hugs, praying face to face.  This is the highlight of the past year for me.  

As I spent three months on sabbatical this summer, besides having more time to spend with family and focus on schoolwork, I had a chance to pause and reflect.  During this time, I feel that God revealed a couple things to me.  First of all, the Lord confirmed for me that Christian community is absolutely essential.  These are the words from my unfiltered sabbatical journal: “Church community is more essential than you think.  There is potentially no point in winning someone to Christ if they are not won into a strong Christian community.  In fact, winning them into a weak Christian community may prove to be more damaging to them personally and to the kingdom of God than if they never became a Christian in the first place.”  Returning to Johnston Heights in September, I was confronted by my love for the people of Johnston Heights Church.  I see you welcoming each other and new people as they come to the church building.  I see many of you lingering around after church services instead of rushing out the door.  I see you carrying each other’s burdens through prayer and through acts of sacrificial service behind the scenes.  I see you worshiping a God that you know is alive and sovereign and moving among us.  It is a privilege and honour to serve here as a pastor.  There is nowhere else I’d rather be.  I’ve been reminded by the words of the Apostle Paul who said to the church in Rome: When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours” (Romans 1:12).  I have seen this playing out this past year.  


The second thing I learned on Sabbatical is this: I am revitalised by the time I spend with non-Christians.  During my three months away from regular church work, I often found myself with parents of kids on my sons’ soccer and baseball teams.  We talked about regular things like the weather, housing prices, and the Canucks, but there were also moments when I got to share about the hope that I have because of Jesus.  What I found when sharing was not resistance or animosity but curiosity and interest.  Having the ability and the time to be immersed in other people’s lives reminded me of a valuable lesson, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Caring for people requires time, it requires presence; sometimes it requires asking 100 questions about the lives of others before they ask one question about your life.  I came to care deeply for these people.  If our vision statement is “Making Jesus known in every community God places us,” then I learned that I need to be in the communities God has placed us.  Not just physically present but fully present.  

I want to thank the staff team for working so hard over the past year especially through all the changes related to the health orders.  I want to thank the board of elders for their efforts to support and encourage myself and the staff in our ministry areas.  I want to thank Johnston Heights Church for your continued prayers and financial support as we’ve weathered what has felt up to this point a long season of uncertainty. Thank you for modeling Christlikeness to me and to each other.  As we continue along this path, I am confident that God will continue to build his church here and do his work through each one of us.  

While the lessons I have learned personally this past year may be unique to me, I believe that they can also be applied to us as a church as we look ahead to a new season.  Our love, care and commitment to Christian community will be critical in our success moving forward.  We need each other.  We have new faces and familiar faces at JHC these days, and each of us has unique needs.  It excites me to anticipate how God is going to move within our church community.  And as He moves among us, it is my prayer that He would provide incredible opportunities to share the love of Jesus with people in the communities around us.  I am grateful to serve a God that has proved Himself as faithful and will continue to be faithful. 

Logan hawkins - worship & communication

What a wild couple of years it has been and 2021 was no different. This last year has personally been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding seasons of ministry I've ever experienced. We were able to start live-streaming our services and it's been incredible to hear the stories of people who were introduced to Johnston Heights Church through our online presence and have made JHC their home. One particular story is of relatives who lived in different provinces and found us online, began to have their own cross province Life Group and Bible Study often phoning each other up and talking to each other while watching the livestream together. In addition to our Sunday morning services, we were able to provide live streaming capability for a number of memorial services which has been a huge blessing.

I'm so encouraged by our worship teams this year. We tried a different approach by 'setting' four teams and having them lead together throughout the year. Great relationships and camaraderie developed out of this and it also showed us some strength and growth areas. One common theme that I have seen embraced this past year is that as a ministry, we're simply here to 'point to Jesus'. That has been and will continue to be at the forefront of how we operate as a ministry and it's been amazing to see unity and fruit come from that mission and purpose!

I feel like this past year has been a lot of foundation laying. I'm excited at this coming year to build upon what we already have going for us: to continue to point to Jesus, to boldly enter into worship, to continue reaching beyond our physical walls through digital media and streaming to see the fruit of revival and Jesus being made known.

Emily Carnahan - kids & Families

Children’s ministry has been an adventure over the past year as we moved from being almost fully online, to fully back to in-person ministry.  Ashley (Children’s Ministry Assistant) and I, along with a team of children’s volunteers, produced children’s video content every week leading up until the end of December. Children’s Sunday classes kicked off in September, coming back together in person for families after 1 ½ years of being online.  It has been a slow process of re-training volunteers, re-building our team and families slowly returning to in-person.  As attendance has grown, our volunteer team has re-grown, and we have seen almost a 50 percent growth now in attendance since we started back up in September, now averaging around 60-65 children on a Sunday.  Our amazing volunteers have adapted amongst the changes, and it has been incredible to work alongside the growing volunteer team of over 40 volunteers with a growing group of junior volunteers coming on board.  Over the summer, we were able to go ahead with our VBS Kids Camp, Rocky Railway, that we were unable to run the previous year. Due to the ever-changing protocols, we ran 2 weeks of camp, with 100 children attending.  We had a 2-week total of over 40 volunteers, many giving up 2 weeks to volunteer.  In the Fall, we saw 5 families dedicate their children to the Lord and partner with the congregation on raising up the families of JHC together.  During the Christmas season, we handed out 40 Lent packages to families that was a great resource in walking through the birth of Jesus together as families of JHC.  During the Lent season, leading up to Easter, we did the same, disturbing over 40 Fast & Feast guides to families, to walk through the Easter season.  A highlight of this time was our Spring Break “Acts of Kindness” challenge, where 27 kids participated in showing and sharing the Gospel through their Acts of Kindness activities.  Our Easter event was an amazing success, where we saw over 300 people from our church and local community come together as families and celebrate Easter together with some fun. We look forward to seeing these families connect into the larger body of the church!

It would be hard to narrow down a highlight from the past year, as SO much has changed, and taken place. The one thing I would highlight, would be our incredible team of volunteers that we have at JHC in Children’s Ministry.  Coming back in person to our VBS Camp, during the middle of a pandemic, with so many unknowns, after being apart for almost 1 ½ years, was an incredible thing to be a part of.  Jumping into 100 kids, after being apart; through tears, laughter, shyness, fear, unknowns, and more, they persevered the two weeks.  The volunteers jumped in, caring for the children and families, adapting to the changes, walking through the re-training (We began a more intense approach to Plan to Protect training this year), paperwork, and many protocols.  Then a month and a half later, jumping back in to in-person classes on Sunday, welcoming in uneasy children and parents, a new curriculum (We started The Gospel Project for Kids, and we love it!), new faces, changing protocols and they jumped in with love, care, and smiles.  The support they have shown for each other, for me and for the children, has been a major encouragement and driving part of the children’s ministry.  Next to the incredible families at JHC, and ultimately the Holy Spirit, the volunteers top the reason to which I was able to endure this season, and the reason I continue on!  They love JHC, the children and the families, and ultimately God.  They desire to see these children and families know God’s love and truth for them and feel safe and welcome when they are present.  I am so thankful for them, and the faithfulness of God’s provision, for such an incredible, growing team of volunteers committed to serving the families of JHC.


Moving forward, we continue to look forward to the growth in our Sunday morning classes, engaging children and families into the larger body of the church, and of course our Summer VBS Kids Camp.  With both of those, we look forward to having more junior (Older Fusion/Youth age) volunteers join our team, and to create a junior leadership team, to help raise up the junior volunteers and engage them into the larger body of the church.  This has also been something we have been focusing on as a team, to bring our children into the service for intentional moments (baptism, communion, dedications, etc.), and to have them feel welcomed in, and engaged into the larger body of the church.  We have more Child Dedications coming up in the Spring, and this is a great way to have the church body see the families and commit with them in raising these children up to the Lord.  A vision for the children of JHC, would be that people in our church know these children; their names, their lives, their whole person, to be seen and engage with them on a Sunday morning.  We are thankful that we see this happening and look forward to this growing as we take the time to know these children and their families.  Our Summer VBS Kids Camp prep is already underway, and as we return to 1 week this year, we look forward to another successful year of over 100 kids coming to hear the truth of Jesus and His incredible love for them!  

tamara sedlack - fusion

Fusion underwent significant transitions in 2021-2022; we had a return to weekly, in-person programming while weathering health and safety updates. Fusion also saw Clarence Chou’s departure from the ministry to focus on his educational studies which lead to an open position for a Fusion director. As of December 2021, Tamara Sedlack and Ashley Green have followed God’s calling to kids’ ministry and have taken the role of co-leaders for Fusion. Back in September of 2021, it was uncertain how many children would attend Fusion again, seeing as the program had not been running in person for a lengthy period of time. God brought many kids to our doors, and they came with brimming enthusiasm despite all that was going on. The fusion leaders continue to be encouraged each week with the number of kids that have memorized their memory verses as well as wanting to learn more about Christ. Clarence says that it was “profoundly humbling to come to the end of one’s nearly-five-year tenure of leading and have children be the ones providing so much graciousness, showing patience, and lighting up the space with such palpable joy. When one has kids requesting to pray for your transition and journey towards a future career, that is good evidence indeed of the Holy Spirit’s stirrings inside the hearts of young people – inspiring them towards empathy and care.” 

Fusion has also had many new volunteers this year, some of whom participated in Fusion and Youth when they were younger. We thank God continuously for remaining close to these individuals and for giving some of the more experienced leaders the opportunity to see them blossom into bold disciples. As Clarence states “It was by Christ’s faithfulness that my own Fusion and Youth leaders stuck by my side through my adolescence and inspired me to commit to ministry for so many years; to see this repeated in another generation is, to me, a beautifully clear picture of what Church can be.” We spur one another on to good works and are inviting more and more into the business of glorifying Christ here on Earth. It is our earnest prayer that this growth only continues at Fusion and that Johnston Heights would be a place where authentic relationships lead to multiplication – the increase of those who commit their lives to Christ and the diversification of those participating in the purposes of God. As we come back together in fellowship and hopefully emerge from a time of such strife, loss, and complication, may we look forward to a vision of restoration that encompasses every nation, every tribe, every people, and every tongue. May our young ones find themselves blessed in this rebuilding of Church, in a way that reflects the Lord’s promise to Jerusalem in Zechariah 8:4-5: “This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘Once again men and women of ripe old age will sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each of them with cane in hand because of their age. The city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there.’” We pray for the joy of children, and their closeness to their elders, to be front and centre in the Church’s present and future. Amen. 

levi fraser - youth & young adults

Over 80 students from 12 different High Schools attended Grounded youth at some point this year! We had 48 students attend Youth Camp and started two new life groups for Young Adults

Our major highlight for this year was that we were able to invite students back to Camp again. Even in the midst of Covid restrictions we were able to have a successful camp where we got to see youth’s lives changed by the Gospel. It was so nice to see our youth back out running around and it provided a lot of unity as we moved back into the school year!

We are dreaming/planning on launching a drop-in program that would run before youth nights on a Wednesday after school. It has come to our attention more and more, the seriousness of poverty that is affecting many of our youth that are attending our program. Situations such as youth showing up to Grounded having not eaten for a day, not having resources back at home that many of us do. We started to ask what are our needs, which we summarized as access to nutrition/supplies, help with education, and assistance with mental health supports. We are excited to be launching a drop-in program that will try to answer these needs with tutoring supports and leaders that have training in mental health supports. We will also be looking to add a free drop-in meal program for youth on Wednesday nights before Grounded Youth. While these all fall under the category of youth ministry we want youth to know they can access the parts of the program that fits for them, they can attend just one of them, maybe 2 of them, or even all 3 if they choose. This new drop-in program will be in addition to the already amazing work we are doing on Wednesdays in Grounded Youth Group.

phil harris - outreach & community life


One of my roles at JHC is to serve as an evangelist according to Ephesians 4. This doesn’t mean I do all the outreach, rather I facilitate for the body of Christ to grow more effective in sharing the gospel. 

Just as the world offers first aid courses to equip people to meet physical needs, we offer spiritual first aid courses to equip our church family to meet spiritual needs in our community.

During the pandemic, we’ve been offering two courses to do this. The first is the Billy Graham online witnessing course. This equips people how to share the gospel with seekers from around the world who go onto the Billy Graham website. We have several in our church investing two hours per week in this. It’s exciting to hear stories of how God is using them to bring spiritual guidance and salvation.  

The other course is Alpha Online. Under the capable leadership of Marilyn Reichert, Janet Fierbach, Linda Wilmshurst and Johann Ackermann, we ran it again this year from January to April 2022. 

The Community Meal is also running the Alpha course with some of their members. Praise the Lord, one of the new Christians from last year’s Alpha is now an “Alpha helper” in that context.

Before the pandemic, we used to do a witnessing mission to the Philippines each year – but temporarily had to suspend it. Preparations are now being made for another trip in 2023.

We also used to run a local outreach to our city of Surrey. Now that things are opening up, we’re offering two new courses to equip people to help the spiritually needy of Surrey. As more witnesses are trained, more seeds are planted and cultivated and more people healed through the power of the gospel. 

Community Life

To begin, I want to say how blessed I was to take a three-month sabbatical from January to April, 2022. I was able to spend extra time in God’s Word and in prayer without the daily distractions I would normally have. 

I was also able to focus on a writing project I’ve been working on. It’s about how a person can become a fruitful witness and impact the world for Jesus. Because so many Christians struggle in this area, I’m trusting it will be an encouragement and bring new hope.  

Regarding our community life, here’s some areas that I am privileged to be a part of. 

Life Groups

These are small groups where people can connect and grow in community as they walk with the Lord. They’re like a spiritual family. Not only is there the spiritual component, but many enjoy fellowship outside of the regular group meetings as well. They provide a venue for sharing life together. We currently have 29 groups meeting on a regular basis.  

We recently started a new branch of Life Groups. While they’re similar to our existing groups, they have a more intentional focus of discipleship. People begin by going through a one-year course to facilitate growth in all aspects of following Jesus. Once they finish, they’re invited to take others through the same materials that they’ve gone through. This enables them to become disciple makers and to multiply themselves. I am leading two groups involved in this journey.     

Thanks, Charles Labun, for your faithful partnership in this ministry with me!  

Community Meal

I also appreciate being apart of this ministry. Not only do I love working with the volunteer staff, but also serving our community in this practical way. We not only help individuals but have begun serving entire families with meals and other food items. We’re grateful for the local food chain that regularly supplies us with a variety of foods to distribute. 

Many of our Life Groups are involved in this ministry. They take turns preparing the 84 lunches that we hand out every other week. I know for my own group; this experience is always a highlight. 

Recently we restarted our community meal bible study. As I mentioned earlier, they’re doing the Alpha online program. Also, we’ve added a new Mandarin speaking study. There are about a dozen that attend. A number recently confessed Jesus as their personal Savior. Some of our Mandarin speaking church members are also helping out.  

I want to especially thank Harv and Barb Friesen for their faithful service to administrate and engage in this ministry. I also want to thank others who consistently serve: Our Life Groups, Cecelia Wilson, Jim Bender, Garth and Darla Young, Dave and Alison Redline, Ralph Schwabe, Gabby Santiago, Calvin Morris, Mooi Chiang, Elsie Oolohju, Shannon Menelaws, Faith Menelaws, Kevin and Loree McDougal Lade, Mary Walters and Laura Caccia


Each week, I am blessed to engage with many throughout our church community. A lot of this happens on Sunday - especially now that our café has restarted. In addition, I regularly meet throughout the week with people for counseling and prayer. 

I’m also involved in connecting with new people – journeying with them to find a new church family. It often results in being able to visit in their homes. If God leads them to become members, I’m able to partner with Bruce Flegg and run membership classes and facilitate for them to become involved. Thanks Bruce!

Pastor Ed has been a great blessing when it comes to caring for the more senior members of our church body. He also serves in making hospital visits and with funerals. Thanks, Pastor Ed!

I’m also able to be the point person for other ministries in our church community such as Friday fellowship  (formerly Golden Agers), the Library under the leadership of Ed Knorr and English as a Second Language (ESL) under the leadership of Sheila Walton. 

God is doing something special within the community of our church. I’m grateful to be a part of it in these ways.

ed wallan - pastoral support

As a pastor of Pastoral Care, my varied duties include phoning people, or calling on them in their residences or in hospital. I am also available for weddings and funerals and memorial services as needed, and I'm glad to meet with any individuals who come to the church during the week to speak to a pastor. 

Our JHC Pastoral Care ministry has been My primary focus, but I am delighted to say that a number of our members have been blessed and used by the Lord to reach out and connect with others in our church community. I am also grateful to Ted Staunton and George Foster, among others, who have been willing to be involved in phoning people when I am away. 

Owing to the impact of Covid restrictions in this last year, the Pastoral Care ministry has been somewhat different than in other years. More telephone calls have been made and fewer in-person connections have occurred. Pastoral Care is not meant to be only for those who are limited in their mobility or restricted in travel. However, periods of quarantine and the reduction in our numbers at meetings has made phoning more necessary to help the church body stay connected. 

As for numbers, I was involved in 7 funerals or memorial services in this past year as the Lord called some of our members home. Normally, I attempt to connect by phone with 35 to 50 people per week. Thankfully, some of them have said they were encouraged by the call. Only the Lord knows what impact (if any) the pandemic will have on the Pastoral Care ministry in the coming year, but we hope that the Spirit will lead all of us to be encouragers of one another.

josephine papp - administrative director

I am writing this report to you in the beginning of April, and I am very grateful the final order has been lifted regarding Covid-19 Safety.  

Health and Safety Committee 

I want to thank the current members of the Health and Safety committee: Cheri Danton, Laurel Nicholson, and Linda Wilmshurst.  I would also like to thank Mary Ellen Schaafsma, who stepped down last summer from the committee.  They continue to review and approve new plans are a rate of 1 per quarter. Our latest re-write was completed just this morning and is a hybrid of the new Communicable Disease Prevention Plan and the requirements for the Work Safe Covid-19 safety plan in the hope to cut down on the ever-changing plans. 

We are very grateful that although during the wave in the winter; staff, volunteers, and guests became ill with Covid-19 that we did not have an outbreak and most everyone recovered quickly.  We expect that we will need to take a measured approach in the fall but are hopeful it can be reasonable.

Administrative Director

In the roll of Administrative Director this year it was like my first year all over again as we opened, and I adjusted to a busy church with different needs from during the first year of the pandemic.  

Once again, I had a great team in the administrative operations and care of the church. 

·       Trudy currently works one day in the office and a day from home overseas all our bookkeeping.  She ensures payroll is accurate, bills are pay, and our monthly reports are completed one time.  

·       Linda in addition to her normal duties, have taken on overseeing the kitchen, building use and count our donations.  Once again, she flexed her workday to allow her to assist with the Alpha ministry. She is happy to assist all ministries and committees in fulfilling their ministry.

·       Dawn Climie a very big thank you for your years of volunteering by counting our donations, prepare them for deposit and completing our donation reports.  Dawn stepped down in October and is missed in the office.

·       Kim is very busy keeping our building clean as the building opened back in last summer. She is always willing to help in any way that is needed, and she has taken over the job of filling our baptism tank when needed a task I am very grateful she does for me.

During the last year, many committees have been active, and I want to thank the HR, Financial, and Property Committee, Future Development, and the new Policy Committee for your critical work.  “I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. 

And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Eph 3:14-21 NIV

josh thiessen - elders board

It is an honour to serve on the Board of Elders at Johnston Heights Church.

Our Board currently includes the following individuals – Ed Magaling, Frank Marasa, Fred Santiago, Harold Bootsma, Jon Pedersen, Jon Thiessen, Josh Thiessen, Rick Friesen, and Ted Staunton.  The Board also has the pleasure of working closely with Josephine Papp in her role as the Administrative Director. As of the 2022 AGM, Ted Staunton will have completed his third and final two-year term, and will be stepping off of the Board.  We’d like to thank Ted for his commitment over the past six years, and for his service to our church over that time.

Our desire as a Board is to provide leadership that honours God, supports the ministries of JHC, and encourages people to walk more closely with the Lord. At times our responsibilities can feel ‘administrative,’ and at other times our role feels more ‘spiritual’ – we recognize that leadership within the church requires both, and we try to bring a balanced approach to our decisions. 

It is a pleasure being part of a Board where open communication is welcomed, where thoughtful dialogue occurs, where we spend time together in prayer, and where we have the ability to pause and reflect before making decisions.  Through this process, we have developed a sense of unity and comradery.

As we look ahead to the coming year, we know that there will be surprises in store for us. We invite you to be in continued prayer for us as we provide leadership.  

We look forward to seeing what God will do in and through the people of Johnston Heights Church.

calvin morris - friday fellowship

Over this past year despite periods of cancelled meetings, we were able to meet 22 times averaging 46 attendees. We got really good at the awkward elbow and fist pumps, enjoyed countless jokes, laughs and happy chats!

The highlight of the year was being able to get together in person again, rekindling greatly missed friendships while making new ones. We hope in the future to be able to attracts a wider range of ages to our wonderful time and have changed our name to Friday Fellowship 55+

ang thiessen - serve surrey

Serve Surrey (Christmas Edition) was back, in person, and for the fourth year in a row, it was incredibly moving to observe the generosity of you, the Church.  You were able to provide: 

·      68 Community Meal hampers (filled with 15 basic needs including toilet paper, flour, protein, canned goods, etc.)

·      19 personalised Christmas gifts for seniors at Elim Village without friends or family connections

·      38 hampers (including food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies and gifts) for Johnston Heights Senior Secondary students and families

·      Grocery gift cards and hampers for 6 families from Ellendale Elementary

·      200 plants delivered to church neighbours

·      125 teacher gifts for our partner schools

·      400 cold weather packages

For me, the highlights are always wrapped in the connections.  I find that in a society that thinks they know what Christianity is about, there is no better way to cause people to stop, think, and ask questions than generosity, sacrificial giving (of both money and time) and intentional acts of living for the good of others.  Those stopping to think and ask questions are sometimes not even those on the receiving end of gifts, but those observing the church participate in these activities.  One of the schools we partner with has had some significant transiency in staffing over the past number of years.  This has made it difficult to move past an introductory relationship and while we absolutely want to provide for the basic needs in the community around us, our long-term goal is to build relationships and make connections that engage these families in the church.  For the first time this year, we were able to begin conversations with staff on these topics, connecting families with Fusion, kid’s programs and Community Meal.  

The banner of this ministry transitioned from “Merry & Bright” this past year to “Serve Surrey”.  The intention behind this change was to broaden the opportunities and connections throughout the year (rather than primarily focus on the Christmas season).  As you observe tangible needs around you, feel free to connect with me with ideas of how the church can continue to bring joy and hope to those in the community around us. 

harv friesen - community meal

The Community Meal Ministry continues to illustrate Christ’s Love for those in need in our community. We do this by distributing 70 to 80 Box Lunches and Food Bank items twice per month thanks to the unwavering support of Life Groups, the Community Meal Team, and the gracious giving of Johnston Heights Church.

Our ability to share the Gospel has been limited, but we have great news! With more volunteers we have been able to connect with our Guests outside while they are queuing, plus we have started both English and Mandarin Bible Studies! The Mandarin Study has been well attended and God has blessed it with several Faith Commitments. The English Study has been showing & discussing the Alpha videos and attendance has multiplied.

We look forward to continue to strengthening our witnessing component by better illustrating Christ’s ability to change & enrich Hearts and Lives, PLUS bestow his Gift of Eternal Life! We also want to consider returning to Sit Down Hot Lunch Hospitality at some point in the coming months. 

Rick friesen - prayer

One of my favorite books on prayer is Andrew Murray’s The Ministry of Intercession. His book

deals with the many facets of prayer but here is one paragraph that can inspire us to keep

seeking the Lord in prayer.

The power of prayer rests in the fact that God hears it. In more than one sense, this is

true. It is this faith that gives us the courage to pray. It is this faith that gives us the

power to prevail with God. The moment I am assured that God hears me, I feel drawn to

pray and persevere in prayer. I feel the strength to claim and take in faith the answer

God gives…

When a person can and does say, in living faith, ‘My God will hear me” nothing can keep

them from prayer. For they know that what they cannot do or get done on earth, can and

will be done for them from Heaven. Let each one of us bow in stillness before God, and

wait on Him to reveal Himself to us as the prayer-bearing God. In His presence, this

central truth will be revealed to us.

This is why, at Johnston Heights, we are seeking to make prayer a priority. The Lord is a prayer

answering God. Beyond your own time with the Lord in prayer, there are several other

opportunities to join with others.

The Prayer Chain. II Cor 1:11 says that “we help each other by our prayers”. The prayer chain

is one way we can do that. Prayer requests can be made by emailing . Requests will be emailed out to those who have signed up to be

on the prayer chain. You can be sure your requests will be prayed for. If you’d like to be on the

prayer chain email list, please contact Thankyou to Marilyn

Reichert who gives good leadership to this.

Life Group is another important place for prayer.

Sunday Morning Prayer Gathering is from 9 am - 9:45 am in the upstairs classrooms above the

office. There is no set agenda other than to seek the Lord in prayer. Everyone is welcome.

Post Service Prayer: come to the front of the auditorium after the service and someone will be

available to pray with you.

Monthly Zoom Prayer Meeting on the first Monday of the month (7:30-8:30 pm). This is

organized by Pastor Jon and let by various ministry leaders in the church. Lately the focus has

been prayer for each ministry in the church. To participate, please check the Monday Mailbag

email (sign up for weekly Monday Mailbag through the office) where you will find the zoom

meeting number and password.

Thank you to all of you who have participated in these prayer times this past year. The Lord

bless you.

ed knorr - library

We are excited to be back!  A highlight of the year was simply being able to resume library services, and thus welcome back many familiar faces.

The library is located in the lower auditorium.  We are open before and after the Sunday morning service.  We have no fines, and all JHC attendees (of all ages) are welcome to borrow material.  Neneng Galanto and Ed Knorr are the current library staff members.

Here are our circulation statistics.  We had an average of 13 items go out per week during the 6 months of 2021 since returning from COVID in July 2021, and an average of 19 items per week for the first 3 months of 2022.  This is an encouraging trend because we averaged 21 items per week during the 12 months preceding COVID (and that was with higher attendance figures in the services).

About 70% of the items being borrowed are books, 20% are DVDs, and 10% are magazines.  Children’s items are very popular.

As of late March 2022, we have 6,552 catalogued items in the library: 4,311 books, 1,191 magazines (including many back issues), 628 DVDs, 146 audio CD sets, and 276 other items.  (These figures include lost items.)

We have two goals for the rest of 2022:  (a) Selectively weed our collection, since some of our shelves are overflowing (we were planning to do this before COVID hit in 2020); and (b) encourage more people to use the library to supplement their Bible learning and Christian walk.  Time does not permit our pastors, speakers, and life group leaders to cover the large variety of topics of Christian interest – and we have lots of great resources on just about every topic!  So, be sure to come and explore the library.  There’s something for everyone.

cindy orivolo - hr

The Human Resources Committee consists of 4 members – Vanessa Johnson, Gord Kirk, Wes Schroeder, Cindy Orivolo (chairperson).  We would like to have one additional member on our Committee, but have not been able to find that person as of yet - if this is something that might interest you, please reach out to  The Committee  continues to be very well functioning and appreciate that we can meet virtually to conduct our business. 

This past September we were asked to consider allowing our staff to observe the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.  The Policy Committee will need to determine which holidays our staff should observe, as our current statutory holiday policy is outdated.  

The Committee was able to complete the outstanding job description reviews for Lead Pastor and Administrative Director.  We are please to be able to have the JHC Congregation vote on these final two descriptions.  All of the other Pastor/Director job descriptions have been voted on and approved by the congregation in 2020 and 2021.  

This last Fall, we once again conducted Pastor/Director Job Evaluation reviews.  We thank the members of the Congregation who took the time to complete these reviews and return them to us.  As part of this process we compile the results and review them with the individual Pastor/Director.  We also ask that they provide us with their short term and long term goals, and follow up part way through the year to see how they are progressing, or if they are in need of additional assistance.  The Job Evaluation process is meant to be encouraging and help the Pastoral Staff in their growth journey.  

The Committee recommended that JHC post the position of a  part time Maintenance Person on JHC’s website.  There were no applicants, and the Administrative Director has hired a short term part time person to complete several outstanding tasks.

The Committee has also been involved in discussions and recommendations for short term and part time employees wages and benefits.  

We thank God for giving us the ability and capability to serve Him on the Human Resources Committee.  

joel johnson - properties

The Properties Committee is tasked with addressing the regular and irregular maintenance items that occur, along with planning and budgeting for additional special projects. This year we painted many areas, including the outside fence, Lower Auditorium, Youth Centre, as well as a face lift on the main foyer. One of the more notable projects was the removal of the old stain glass window in the upper Youth Centre, and a complete renovation of that room. The committee is made up of the following members: Linda Wilmshurst, Bruce Flegg, Colin Bleker and Joel Johnson.

harold bootsma - missions

Earlier this year we officially welcomed Rey Linsangan to serve on the missions committee. He has

been at JH since 2015, and became a member in 2018. He brings first hand experience with his

personal involvement with trips to the Philippines, Rey also brings with him a heart to serve in any

way that he is able.

Our Missions web page is now live on Almost all missionaries have provided an

updated biography and contact information that has been put on the JH site to share with the

congregation as well as their latest newsletters. Please check it out. The Missions page is found under

“About us” or by searching “missions”. Not all our missionaries are on the site, but we do get regular

newsletters. If you would like a copy please contact

The missions committee would like to thank Vickie Kirk for her longtime involvement in the

committee. Vickie stepped away from the group last September after serving since 2016. Vickie was a

major contributor as she guided the Missions Committee as they developed a process to evaluate

future missionary candidates. Vickie also faithfully recorded the minutes during our monthly

meetings.Thank you so much Vickie for your faithful service!!

In March the committee welcomed a new member, Ed Magaling. Ed will be taking on the role of

Chairman as I will be stepping down as I prepare to move to Vernon B.C. Please join with the

committee in praying for Ed as he cares for our missionaries and gives the committee vision in

discerning God's will for the JHC missionaries.