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Dennis & Janet Fierbach

Making Jesus known in every community: Africa, Asia, Europe.

A little bit about Global Aid Network

The mission of GAiN [Global Aid Network] is to reveal hope and restore life to people who are living in crisis and poverty and operates as the humanitarian arm of Power to Change

Dennis & Janet serve as Global Mentors with GAiN. This means that they mentor and coach leaders in GAiN offices around the world in order to help them increase their capacity to carry out GAiN's mission

In Canada, GAiN implements various strategies that include:

  • Providing deep water wells and planting churches in several African nations
  • Coordinating micro-finance programs for women and church-based lunch programs for children in Paraguay
  • Providing relief supplies for refugees in the Middle East and Greece

Other GAiN offices around the world are involved in relief and development projects that:

  • Improve living conditions of the poor in Eastern Europe
  • Provide education opportunities in Laos, Pakistan and India
  • Bring medical assistance to villages in the Philippines and India
  • Gather and transport essential supplies to refugee camps in Europe

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Dennis & Janet Fierbach

"We are so grateful to partner with Johnston Heights Church in this work!" - Dennis & Janet