Larry & Diane Willems

Making Jesus known in every community: Thailand.

A little bit about Larry & Dianne

Larry and Diane live in Changmai, northern Thailand, where they have been involved in education and evangelism projects for a number of years, as well as giving support to two church planters. They have helped out with local churches and taught English for evangelism in Chiangmai and in southern Thailand for one year (2021-22). The Home of Joy, started in 2014, was a girl’s home which they ran for needy teenage girl’s from the mountains. In 2021 they moved out of that home and are continuing to support girl’s education through sponsorship programs together with churches that they have served with. They desire to work together with the local churches to make sure these girls have both their physical and spiritual needs taken care of. In addition, Larry, Diane, and Christina teach English at their own English Center called Friendship English Center. They look for opportunities to work with their church and with other partners to bring the gospel into schools, to the families of their students, or sometimes to the needy on the streets. Their daughter Jenny is involved in teaching English as well and attends an International church Chiangmai.